Company profile

The company IKV – Innovative Kunststoffveredelung GmbH (Company for Innovation in Plastics) is a medium-sized, family owned company. It is situated in the industrial park of Premnitz, a town 50 miles (70 km) west of Berlin.
The generous and environmentally friendly industrial site of Premnitz offers convenient transport infrastructure via road, rail and waterway.
The story of IKV started with the development of an innovative technology of handling carbon blacks in the manufacturing of black master-batches, initially based only on PET and PBT carriers. Carbon black is a material which is difficult to handle, as it creates complex molecular structures such as agglomerates and aggregates.
With our innovative and outstanding technology every single carbon black molecule is coated with polymer which results in an even dispersion of carbon black within the masterbatch and prevents degradation processes of the polymer, all without any additives like dispersion aids, waxes or co-polymers.
Our core products are suitable for fine Denier and Dtex polyester fibers, for mono and multi filaments, BCF carpet yarns and spun bond.
But we also produce high quality standard types for other applications like injection moulding or manufacturing of films and foils.
Over the past years, we have been continuously extending our product range, introducing further polymer types like polyamide 6, polypropylene, LDPE and HDPE. Excelling at the production of black masterbatches, we went on to develop further specialties like flame retardant masterbatches and UV-stabilizing masterbatches and, furthermore, flame retardant chips and UV-stabilizing chips, as well as single pigment and tailor made colors.
We are continuously adding new colors and other polymers to our product range. We foster a close cooperation with our customers and manufacture products according to their specifications and samples.
Our technical department is always glad to help with special modifications and adjustments, and offer technical advice and support in case of special requests.
Our products are renowned and are used successfully by companies world-wide.

History of our industrial site 1990 – 2019


Industrial production of different textile fibers


Production of acrylic fiber


Production of polyester fibers – performance based on today’s technology (GRISUTEN® 72 plant)


Reconstruction, extension and modernization of the GRISUTEN® 72 production


starting of new acrylic line


Privatization process and restructuring of the company by various private investors


shut-down of the acrylic plant


Insolvency of Maerkische Faser AG


Acquisition of the polyester segment by GLAESER textile


start-up of the Polyester regenerated line


Foundation of IKV


Start of the production of speciality black masterbatches


Second batch line for speciality black masterbatches


Installation of speciality batch line for colours, white and functional additives


Third batch line for speciality black masterbatches


Installation Pilot Spinning line for POY, FDY and BCF


Installation of a speciality batch line for functional and white masterbatches
Installation of speciality batch line for colour masterbatches – SPC and tailor mades

Your advantages

Our production technology is highly flexible to offer special adjustments for the producing of Masterbatches, Chips, ECO-PET and flakes regarding the client’s wishes.

Based on our unique technology regarding the production of black batches, we are producing different Color batches which are used by other Masterbatch producers as a SPC for producing Tailor Made Color batches.