Color Masterbatch

Based on the unique technology that we use in the manufacture of our Black Masterbatches, we also produce many different Color Masterbatches in PET and PBT.
For PET and PBT Masterbatches we produce SPCs (Single Pigment Colors) and Tailor-Mades. Furthermore, our black Masterbatches are used as SPCs by other Masterbatch manufacturers for their production of Tailor Made Colors.

For our clients we also provide Tailor Made Colors on PET and PBT base. We can adjust any color you want. In this case, dyes and pigments can be used.

Benefits of Color Masterbatches for example:

  • PET and PBT base
  • Single pigment colors
  • Customized Color Masterbatches
  • Dyes and pigments can be used

Enquiries about Color Masterbatch?

If you interested or have any queries about our Color Masterbatches please contact our sales team on the following number or email-address:

Telephone +49 (0) 33 86/24 31 93

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