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In addition to high transparency and good thermal properties, one of the main strengths of PET is its extremely easy and efficient, almost endless recycling possibilities.
PET was initially used in textile fiber and yarn applications. However, PET has been found to perform well in packaging and film applications as well. More recently, engineered resin applications have been developed for PET.
Textile applications utilize primarily PET homopolymer with IVs in the 0.60 – 0.68 range. The Yarn grade or textile grade chips are available in super bright chips, semi dull chips (0,3 % TiO2), dull (1,0 % TiO2), full dull (1,5% TiO2) and on customized request (up to 3.0% TiO2). Our special dosage guarantees optimal particle distribution even at high concentrations.

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