Masterbatches consist of dyestuffs and additives with an added polymer, which is dosed at a higher rate than at the final application.

Black Masterbatch

By producing our Masterbatches we use high quality industrial carbon blacks, each tailored to a variety of applications. We offer Masterbatches for the production of fibers, carpet yarns, non-woven, monofilaments and multi-filaments in a variety of dimensions from 0.5 denier onwards. But our Masterbatches are also suitable for the production of films and sheets, as well as for injection molding, microfilaments and micro fibers.

White Masterbatch

Another product range is White Masterbatch based on PET, PBT and PA6. Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) is used as additive. In our PET White batches a loading of at most 30% of titanium dioxide is possible, with the PBT and PA-white batches a maximum of 40%.

Color Masterbatches

Based on the unique technology that we use in the manufacture of our Black Masterbatches, we also produce many different Color Masterbatches in PET and PBT.
For PET and PBT Masterbatches we produce SPCs (Single Pigment Colors) and Tailor-Mades. Furthermore, our black Masterbatches are used as SPCs by other Masterbatch manufacturers for their production of Tailor Made Colors.

Specialty Masterbatches

Our special range Masterbatches is manufactured with the same innovative technology that is used in our whole production. Therefore, these batches have the extraordinary good dispersion, viscosity, abrasion like our black and color batches.

  • We manufacture for special contract work for customers and partners
  • Anti-Bacterial