Flame retardant (FR)

Flame Retardant Masterbatches and Chips

  • active substance based on phosphorus
  • free of halogen and bromine
  • flame retardant additive integrated in the polymer (durable fire protection)
  • washable and dyeable
  • very good spinnability and high LOI
  • The chips meet the international fire regulation standards B1 and M1
  • to reach the M1and B1 approx. 5.400 – 6.000 ppm need to be inside the fiber

Flame retardant Masterbatch made by

Flame Retardant Masterbatches

PreMB 23FR5.0 – PBT based MB with 54.000 ppm phosphorous – most sold FR masterbatch
PreMB 22FR4.0 – PET based MB with 42.000 ppm phosphorous
PreMB 22FR3.0 – PET based MB with 35.000 ppm phosphorous
PreMB 22FR2.3 – PET based MB with 23.000 ppm phosphorous

Flame Retardant PET Chips Super Bright

PET GRISUTEN chips flame retardant super bright
available with different phosphorous content (without TiO2)
PET chips FR 5.400 ppm super bright
PET chips FR 6.000 ppm super bright
PET chips FR 6.500 ppm super bright
PET chips FR 13.000 ppm super bright
PET chips FR 24.000 ppm super bright

  • all chips are going to be delivered crystalized
  • Oekotex certificate available

Flame Retardant PET Chips Semidull

PET GRISUTEN chips flame retardant semidull
PET chips FR 6.000 ppm semidull 0,3% TiO2

  • very low filter pressure value
  • no pressure increase during spinning
  • high full bobbin rate


Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home of the Atlanta Falcons

  • upper part can be closed via flame retardant curtains
  • those curtains are made with Turkish FR fibers
  • we deliver our PreMB 23FR5 to this Turkish fiber producer

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